Because of a lot of tasks we perform every day, such as driving, typing, writing and domestic work, our hands get more and more tired. Specifically, the wrists are starting to hurt more from these activities. And, as a result, we are experiencing excruciating pain, stiffness and swelling on our hands.

Thus, in this article, there are several yoga exercises to help you strengthen your wrist joints and effectively treat the insufferable pain. Check them out:

1. Bound Fingers Pose

Image Credits: Yoga Journal

Stand straight with your palms pressing together at the centre of your chest;
Interlace your fingers at their roots to form a fist;
Invert your palms so that they face the front of the room;
Then, extend through your elbows until the arms are straight;
While inhaling, lift your arms alongside your ears and hug them in;
Make sure you extend all the way from the bottom sides of the waist to the heels of your palms;
Do not over-bend your fingers;
Open your wrists by pressing up through the base of the palms;
Hold this pose for 8 breaths.

2. Half Side Ways Hand Pose

Image Credits: Jana Bozeman Yoga

Begin by standing straight;
Stretch both your arms right in front of you;
Then, interlock the fingers with the little right finger at the free end;
Now raise your hands over the head;
Let the palms face the roof;
Hold the pose for about 15 minutes and then slowly release the fingers.

3. Cow Face Pose

Image Credits: Yoga Journal

Start by standing straight;
Keep a distance of about 12 inches in between both the feet;
Now, slowly bring both the hands backwards;
Try to press the palms firmly, together with your fingers facing upwards like you pray;
Hold this pose for about 30 seconds.

4. Wall Sun Salutation

Image Credits: Yoga for Healthy Aging

Raise your arms overhead as you look up gently, without straining your neck.
Exhale with your hands on the wall;
Hinge forward from the hips;
Place your palms on the wall just above waist height;
Hold this pose for about 30 seconds.

5. Bharadvaja’s Twist

Image Credits: Yoga Journal

Begin sitting in aa staff pose;
Shift to your left, bend your knees;
Then, swing your legs to the right;
Rest your right ankle in the arch of your left foot;
Lengthen your spine;
Exhale and twist to the left;
Tuck your right hand underneath your left knee;
Then grasp your upper right arm with your left hand by placing your left arm behind your back;
Exhale and continue twisting the torso to the left;
Gaze over your left shoulder;
Stay in this pose for up to one minute.

6. Hand Under Foot Pose

Image Credits: Dreams Time

Begin by standing straight;
Make sure your feet are at a distance of about 12 inches;
Now bring both your hands in front of you, parallel to the floor;
Keep the palms facing each other;
Bend the arms from the elbow upwards at ninety degrees;
Intertwine both the hands so that the thumb is towards your body;
Keep this pose for about 10 breaths.