If you are a regular running, this article is for you. You have probably wondered why it had become harder and harder to maintain your strength while running. I discovered that the reason is not doing specific exercises to help you with this issue.

Thus, check out down below some of the best 6 strength exercises to improve your running efficiency:

1. Pike Twist to Push-Up

Image Credits: Prevention

Hoist hips high in the air to position body;
Spread hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart;
Inhale, bend at elbows;
Drive crown of the head directly between two hands on the floor;
Keep hips raised high to the sky;
Exhale and firmly press into the floor and extend elbows, raising body back to starting position;
After performing pike push-up, weave one hand through to touch opposite foot on the floor;
Return to starting position;
Perform another pike push-up, then touch the other hand to opposite foot on the floor.
Aim for 2 sets of 15 reps.

2. Side Plank Crunch

Image Credits: Strong Fitness Mag

Begin in a side plank on your left forearm with your right leg raised and your right arm extended over your head;
Bend your knee and bring it up towards your hip;
At the same time, bend your elbow and bring it down to meet your knee;
Extend both your leg and arm to the starting position, and repeat for all reps;
Aim for 2 sets of 15 reps.

3. Curtsy Lunge to Lateral Leg Lift

Image Credits: Redefining Strength

Start standing tall with your feet together;
Then lunge back, stepping your foot across and behind your front leg;
You are crossing behind as you keep your chest facing forward;
Keep your front foot pointing straight ahead too;
Sink down into the lunge, sitting back in your front heel;
Then drive through your front heel to come back up to standing;
Lightly tap the toe down to balance;
Then raise your leg out to the side for a lateral raise;
Then touch the toe down and repeat the lunge;
You will shift your weight toward your standing leg;
Aim for 2 sets of 15 reps.

4. Side Lunge with Windmill Arms

Image Credits: Nourish Move Love

Start with a side lunge to the right, hands on hips;
Rotating at the waist, reach left arm to right foot and right arm back;
Switch arms, reaching right hand to right foot and left arm up;
Stand, stepping right foot next to left, then begin next rep;
Aim for 2 sets of 15 reps for each side.

5. Starfish Crunch

Image Credits: The Cracked Mug Life

Lie on your back, with your feet and hands on the ground;
Spread your legs and take your hands above your head;
Now lift one leg up, keeping it straight;
Bring the opposite hand forward, bending from your middle for this;
Put the leg and arm down and get back on your back, raising the other leg now and bringing forward the other opposite hand, going back to the flat position on your back each time;
Alternate your legs and arms and repeat;
Aim for 2 sets of 15 reps.

6. Bridge with Tap to Extend

Image Credits: Youtube

Lie faceup with feet pressed flat into the floor;
Lift hips up to a bridge, then lift the right leg so the knee is over hip and shin is parallel to the floor;
Slowly lower the right leg down to the right, tapping toes to the floor;
Extend straight right leg toward the ceiling;
Alternating tapping the floor and extending leg to complete each rep;
Aim for 2 sets of 15 reps for each side.