Sedentary lifestyle, bad posture or even unhealthy food are causes for hip pain, which can be very uncomfortable because you can’t neither stand, sit or sleep.

The hip joint is the most used joint because of the repeated motion and it’s the largest joint in the body. With age, this joint can be damaged.

Sore hips can cause pain in the thigh, groin, inside and outside the hip joint and in the buttocks.

But practicing yoga regularly will prevent stiffness in the joints and muscles of the hips. The following yoga asanas are perfect to relieve hip pain and not only, because they act like painkiller for other affections such as, lower back pain, leg pain and will release tension from those sore muscles.

1. Ananda Balasana

Image Credits: Ananda Balasana

The Ananda Balasana or the Happy Baby Pose is an asana that takes you back to your roots, almost imitating a happy baby playing in its cradle. This asana gives your hands and legs a good stretch as it massages your back too. Your hips open up, and there is a supply of fresh blood all through your arms and legs. Your hip joints are massages and relaxed, and therefore, the pain is eased.

2. Anjaneyasana

Image Credits: Anjaneyasana

The Anjaneyasana is a low lunge that specifically works on your hip joint and muscles. The area is stretched and toned. Blood circulation is increased, and the muscles are relaxed. Your hip pain will vanish in no time. Just start slow and listen to your body, pushing only as far as your body allows you to.

3. Ardha Matsyendrasana

Image Credits: Ardha Matsyendrasana

A twist is always considered to be an excellent detox. This asana massages your internal organs, removes the toxins, and enhances the blood flow in your system. Your hips are also stretched. Therefore, the tension in the hip muscles is released. It is a recommended asana for hip pain.

4. Baddha Konasana

Image Credits: Baddha Konasana

This asana is a hip opener. In fact, it is all about the hips. It allows your hip joint and muscles a full range of motion, thereby loosening it and creating a channel for the free flow of the fluids. All the blockages are released. With time, your pain will vanish, and your hips will become flexible.

5. Gomukhasana

Image Credits: Gomukhasana

The Gomukhasana or the Cow Face Pose is known to relax the muscles and spread a sense of calm. When your legs are stacked over each other, there is tension created in the muscle-tendon joints, and this gets escalated. The spinal cord, in response to this stress, signals the muscles to relax. The stretch that this pose creates results in the release of endorphins, which induce a feeling of relaxation within your body and mind, thereby relieving the hip pain too.

6. Malasana

Image Credits: Malasana

The Malasana is basically a squat. It is an incredible asana to practice when you have a hip pain because it opens up your hips and relaxes the muscles. It makes your hip joints strong and tones the area too. Blood circulation is improved, and any pain and tightness are combated with ease.

7. Rajakapotasana

Image Credits: Rajakapotasana

The Pigeon Pose works wonders to relieve the pain because it stretches the hip muscle, thereby releasing the built-up tension. It ensures proper flow of fluids and successfully breaks energy blocks in the hip area. It also serves as a hip toner.

Image Credits: Yogadivinity