If you are after 50 years old, and you suffer from osteoporosis, then you have 50% chances of a bone fracture. To prevent that, exercises are the best way to build strong bones. The best news is that it’s never too late or too early to start osteoporosis rehabilitation exercises.

As you age, the chances to suffer a bone fracture from osteoporosis are very high. This disease is silent and it affects most often the hip, spine and wrist. To keep this disease under control and to stop it from harming your bones, you have to exercise a lot.

The following workouts will build skeletal strength and it will stimulate bone-cell activity. Also, it will improve bone density.

1. Standing hip abduction

Image Credits: Standing hip abduction

How to do it:

– Exercise barefoot or in socks so there’s no added weight from a sneaker or shoe stressing joints or bones.
– Place a sturdy, high-backed chair about 12 inches from your left side.
– Grasp the top of the chair with your left hand. Stand with feet hip-width apart, knees bent and belly firm.
– Carefully lift your right leg out to the side and about 6 inches off the ground, keeping it straight. Slightly point the toes and hold leg up for 3 seconds.
– Slowly lower foot to the floor.
– Repeat lifting and lowering 8-12 times.
– Rest briefly, then switch sides and repeat with your left leg.

2. Standing hip extension

Image Credits: Standing hip extension

How to do it:

– Stand 2 feet in front of a sturdy, high-backed chair or kitchen counter. Lightly place both hands on the top for support.
– Shift your weight onto your left leg and lean slightly forward from the waist.
– Extend your nearly straight right leg in back of your body slowly, and lift to just under hip height.
– Hold for 3 seconds, keeping your belly muscles contracted.
– With controlled movement, slowly lower your right leg back to the floor.
– Lift and lower for 8-12 repetitions.
– Rest for 30-60 seconds, and then repeat with your left leg.

3. Resistance band step-outs

Image Credits: Resistance band step-outs

How to do it:

– Tie a resistance band into a knot so it sits loosely around your mid-thighs just above the knees. There should be some give in the band when you start.
– Place your arms alongside your body or on hips, and bend both knees.
– Contract your abdominals and slowly lower your hips into a half-squat, keeping belly muscles firm. Contract your buttocks muscles slightly.
– Take a giant, slow step out to the right side with your right foot.
– Remain in the half-squat position, and step the left foot together with the right foot. Slowly step out again with the right leg and continue step-outs to the right side 8 times.
– After one set leading with the right leg, switch direction and legs. Continue stepping out to the left 8 times.

4. Superman exercise

Image Credits: Superman exercise

How to do it:

– Spread a yoga mat or thick towel on the floor.
– Lie face down on the floor without shoes on. If it feels comfortable, place your forehead lightly on the towel or mat.
– Extend legs straight behind you and keep thighs close together, squeezing inner thigh muscles.
– Reach both arms overhead so pinkies touch the floor and palms face each other.
– Lift right arm forward and off the floor 2 inches, hold for 3 seconds, and then lower it.
– Reach left arm forward and up, hold for 3 seconds, then lower it.
– Lift right leg up 2 inches off the floor, hold for 3 seconds, then lower it.
– Finally, lift left leg up for 3 seconds, then lower it.

Now, lift the opposing right arm and left leg, hold for 3 seconds, and lower them. Switch sides to repeat while keeping your forehead on the floor.

5. Take a walk

Image Credits: Take a walk

How to do it:

– Wear walking shoes with ankle support.
– Allow bent arms to swing naturally at your sides.
– Land on your heel first, roll to the mid-foot and push off with the ball of the foot.
– Avoid jutting your chin out over the ground; keep your chin and jaw relaxed.
– Take smaller, quicker steps to quicken your pace rather than longer steps.

Image Credits: Satinwellness