If you spend most of the time sitting down, be it at work, home, watching TV, you might feel some tension on your hips. Thus, to help you release that built-up tension, I have for 5 yoga hip openers.

Check them out:

1. Standing Hip Opener

Image Credits: Dreamstime

Step both feet up to hands;
Inhale to reverse the lifting arms, head, and chest to stand;
Press palms together overhead and exhale, lowering hands to chest in prayer position;
Shift weight into left leg and inhale to lift right leg, bent at a 90-degree angle, in front of your body;
Open knee to the side, and cross right ankle over the left thigh just above the left knee;
Exhale, sinking into a half squat, on the left leg, hands still in prayer;
Hold for 2 breaths;
Reverse movement to uncross right leg, lift in a high knee, and lower to ground;
Repeat on the opposite side, then return to standing position you started with.

2. Wide-Legged Standing Forward Fold

Image Credits: The Active Times

From standing position, exhale to fold forward over straight legs;
Inhale and lift halfway up with a flat back;
Then exhale and release to fold over legs;
Place palms flat on the floor and step back into a downward dog;
Inhale and extend right leg up and back;
Then shift shoulders over wrists;
Draw right knee under hips, shin parallel to the front of the mat;
Lay right leg down in this position, untuck left toes, and slowly fold forward over right leg, keeping weight centered between hips;
Hold for 2 breaths.
Press torso up and carefully release the right leg;
Repeat on the opposite side.

3. Thread the Needle

Image Credits: Gaia

From left half pigeon, swing legs around to sit on the mat;
Keep your feet flat and knees pointing up;
Inhale then exhale, slowly rolling down vertebra by vertebra to lie faceup on the mat.
Keep left foot flat on the ground, lift right leg and cross right ankle over left thigh;
Lift left leg off the ground and thread arms through to hold on to left thigh;
Hold for 2 breaths;
Lower left foot to the ground and slowly uncross right leg;
Repeat on the opposite side.

4. Full-Leg Stretch

Image Credits: Skimble

Extend left leg on the ground;
Holding ankle or calf, pull the straight right leg up toward your face;
Hold for 2 breaths;
Scissor legs to switch, extending right leg on the floor and stretching left leg toward the face.

5. Savasana

Image Credits: Yoga Journal

From the left full-leg stretch, slowly lower left leg to mat;
Extend arms by sides, palms facing up;
Relax all the muscles in the body;
Hold for as many breaths as needed.