Most people think of back pain when they suffer of lower back pain, because is the most common kind of back pain. But, the next back pain is upper back pain which can be caused by a lot of factors. Most often, tall people suffer from upper back pain. Also poor seated posture is another factor accompanied by stress.

Women are more prone in suffering of upper back pain, because they often carry a purse, and you can find America again in a woman’s purse. Carrying a heavy shoulder bag can harm your posture, leading to upper back pain.

Of course, when you suffer of such pain you have to see a doctor, but you can also try the following exercises to relieve it’s symptoms and the discomfort it creates.

1. Countertop stretch

Image Credits: Countertop stretch

I love this exercise; I do it every morning for a minute or so while my coffee is brewing. I find that it’s the perfect way to mobilize my upper back after a night of sleeping in the same position. Because I can do it in my kitchen, I have no excuse for not doing it every day. I also like to do it when I get home after a long day of sitting at my computer and in my car. It stretches and mobilizes your upper or thoracic spine and helps cancel out some of the damage done by prolonged sitting.

2. Upper trapezius stretch

Image Credits: Upper trapezius stretch

Your upper trapezius is the large muscle that runs from the middle and top of your back up into the base of your skull. When this muscle becomes right, as it tends to when you are stressed, it can cause a lot of upper back pain. This stretch can be done anywhere, anytime, even when you are sat at your desk. Do it whenever you feel your shoulders beginning to creep up toward your ears – such as during a stressful phone call. Seated or standing, this is a great stress-busting exercise.

3. Mid backstretch

Image Credits: Mid backstretch

This is another one of my favorite upper back pain-relieving stretches. All you need is an open doorway, so you can do it almost anywhere in your home or office. It provides the middle of your upper back with a comfortable, relaxing stretch, and is a good way to remove the tensions of the day from your body. If you feel tightness between your shoulder blades, a common problem after a long day of working at a computer or driving, this is the exercise for you.

4. Quadruped thoracic spine twist

Image Credits: Quadruped thoracic spine twist

Most of spend our days looking straight ahead. This can cause a lot of tension in the upper back and neck, as well as reducing your ability to rotate and twist. You only tend to realize you have lost this ability when you try to do it and realize you can’t! This simple exercise helps remove tension from your upper back and neck by gently twisting your thoracic spine. Don’t worry if you find it hard at first; after a few days of practice, you’ll rediscover your ability to twist and, in doing so, remove a major cause of upper back pain.

5. Cat-cow stretch

Image Credits: Cat-cow stretch

If you suffer from upper AND lower back pain, this exercise is an excellent cure-all. It mobilizes and stretches your spine along its entire length, and provides almost instant relief to a range of back pain problems. I like to do this anytime I have spent more than a couple of hours sat at my desk. My work colleagues think it’s pretty funny when I do this in the office, but not having back pain makes it all worthwhile! At the end of the day, I get to go home with a spine that feels young, supple, and healthy. They, on the other hand, have back pain, and walk like old people!

Image Credits: Dailymail