Yoga helps to improve flexibility, spice up your sex life, and lose weight, so you wouldn’t want to miss such yoga wheel experience.

The yoga wheel helps you to do deeper back-bends and inversions. Rolling up the wheel will improve your flexibility, but it is also the amulet for spine and back muscles. So, if you experienced lately some back pains, then you should know that the following exercises are great in getting rid of that horrible back pain.

So, use this yoga tool to help your body feel better, to tone your muscles, or to open and release tension from your shoulders, chest and back.

Dig it up until you will use the yoga wheel like a pro!

1. Extended Child’s Pose

Image Credits: Extended Child’s Pose

Start in Child’s Pose with your knees wide and place both hands on the yoga wheel. Keeping your head down, roll the wheel out and extend your arms out and push your chest down. This will cause a deeper stretch in your arms and back and open your shoulders.

2. Easy Pigeon Pose

Image Credits: Easy Pigeon Pose

With your yoga wheel positioned behind your back, sit on the floor with your knees close together and your feet flat on the ground. Lean back over the wheel in a position that’s comfortable. When you feel ready, and only if you are able, take your arms back, reach over your head and bend your elbows. At first, you may not be able to go all the way back. That is OK; the more you do the stretch, the easier it will become to get fully extended into Half Pigeon.

3. Plank Pose

Image Credits: Plank Pose

Grab the wheel and keep your arms straight. Slowly walk back into plank position. Keep your core tight and hold. The improves balance and overall body strength.

4. Forward Fold

Image Credits: Forward Fold

Sit up straight and place both legs on the yoga wheel. Slowly grab the wheel and pull yourself forward until you feel a stretch in your calves and hamstrings.

5. Spinal Stretch

Image Credits: Spinal Stretch

Place the yoga wheel at your back like you did for Easy Pigeon Pose and roll back, extending your legs outward. When you feel ready, raise your arms back over your head and extend outward. This pose lengthens your spine and improves your backbend.

Image Credits: Fitnessxory