After a certain age your body starts to change, and you can’t handle a rough workout every day. And if exercises were part of your life, you have to stay in shape somehow.

If you are among those who wake up every morning stiffed and with a lot of sores, you should definitely try the following pool exercises to tone your muscles and get rid of any pain.

These pool exercises are the best routine you can introduce in your life to get rid of any muscle soreness, and to avoid the crowded gym.

As a grandmother, I can tell you the best low impact workout someone can do is in the water. But these types of workouts aren’t just for grandmothers…my grandchildren and daughter-in-law, are a big fan of my pool exercises.

So, grab your family and friends and try the following pool workouts…or try it yourself while you’re in holyday.


Pool Crunches

Image Credits: Pool Crunches

Hang your legs on the edge of the pool and dip your upper body into the water (you can keep your head out). Squeeze your core and crunch up to your knees so that your upper body is almost parallel with your thighs.

Flutter Kicks

Image Credits: Flutter Kicks

Hold on to the edge of the pool, extend your body outwards, and make small repetitive kicks while keeping your body up in the water. Keep your core engaged the whole time and you will feel the burn!

Tensed Float

Image Credits: Tensed Float

Float your body but instead of allowing yourself to relax, engage your core and try to keep your legs as flat and straight with your body as possible. This is almost like a reverse plank in the water!


Frog Laps

Image Credits: Frog Laps

Swim from one end of the pool to the other while kicking your legs in such a motion that you almost resemble a frog. This way of moving through the water is highly effective for thighs, and we all want them toned for shorts season!

Straight Leg Tread

Image Credits: Straight Leg Tread

Hold onto the edge of the pool with one hand keeping the other in the water to help you balance. Then straighten out your legs and quickly do small kicks without bending your knees. Want to take it up a notch? Try removing your hand from the side and solely use your arms and kicks to keep you afloat.


Image Credits: Jog

This should be done in a shallow end and is as simple as it sounds. Jog in place while keeping your upper body straight and your core tight.

Thigh extensions

Image Credits: Thigh extensions

Stand with one side of your body against the pool, keep your legs straight and lift your leg outwards. Then repeat on the other side


Downward Shoulder Press

Image Credits: Downward Shoulder Press

Take a pool noodle and make an arch over your head. Then pull the noodle into the water as far down and towards your back as you can to work those shoulders, triceps and biceps.

Barbell roll

Image Credits: Barbell roll

I love to use floating dumbbells in the water. While chest deep in the water, push them underwater and roll them around each other clockwise for 20 reps, then counter clockwise for 20 more.


Image Credits: Pull-ups

Have a diving board? Grab the edge to perform pull-ups and chin-ups with ease!

Image Credits: Schooloffishswimandscuba